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What should I expect from the interview and hiring process?

  • Dress to impress - all interviews are business casual
  • Come prepared with your resume, references and knowledge about the position being offered
  • Your interview will be with a GoodLife Talent Acquisition Specialist or hiring manager
  • Anticipate to listen carefully to questions and provide clear answers related to your previous work experience, qualifications and future goals
  • This is a CARING environment – relax and be yourself during the interview. We want to get to know YOU and have fun while doing it


  How should I prepare for an Interview with GoodLife?

  • Research our company, our core values and the services we provide
  • Know about the role you are applying for and the qualifications
  • Be creative! Be prepared to talk about why you want to work for GoodLife and why you would be a good fit for us
  • Think about visiting a GoodLife Fitness club to get a feel for the environment and culture. Visit to access a FREE 3 VISIT PASS
  • This is also your time to assess GoodLife as your next career choice – please have your questions ready






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